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        GD (NYSE) $179.25 November 04, 2019 12:58PM

        Our People

        Our employees are the heart of General Dynamics

        We rely on their intimate knowledge of customer requirements to deliver the best possible products and services. The company's agility and performance reflects their skill, dedication and commitment to innovation.

        Employee Health and Wellness

        We are committed to helping our employees and their families lead healthy, productive lives. Our wellness programs provide resources, information, motivation and support to help them make healthy lifestyle choices and minimize health risks. These programs vary by business and location, reflecting the needs of employees and the characteristics of national healthcare delivery systems.

        Most of our locations offer on-site influenza immunizations and health screenings, and most also facilitate employee exercise. Many offer a broad range of on-site health services in addition to educational programs and wellness events.

        Employee Safety

        Nothing is more important than our employees' safety. We have clear, consistent policies and standards requiring that we operate in a way that promotes the safety and well-being of our employees.

        Across the business, we take measures to prevent workplace hazards, enforce a culture of continuous improvement to ensure our processes help reduce injuries and illnesses and comply with the governing health and safety laws.

        Many of our business units have been recognized for their commitment and success in promoting health and safety among their workers.


        It’s simple — a diverse workplace yields better results. General Dynamics is committed to promoting diversity of thought, experience, perspectives and capabilities. Each business, and each individual, makes a unique contribution to our company. We recognize that diversity is good for our team and our shareholders, and it’s critical to our future competitiveness.

        Learn more about Diversity and Inclusion at GD