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        GD (NYSE) $178.50 November 04, 2019 11:47AM

        Mission Systems

        Mission Systems is a leading integrator of C4ISR solutions for land, sea, air, space and cyber defense

        Mission Systems Website

        We have an established global presence in secure communications systems, command-and-control systems, sensors and cyber products.

        Communications Systems

        We are a leading manufacturer and integrator of tactical, secure communications systems, including fixed and mobile radio and satellite communications systems and antenna technologies and broadband networking. We are delivering the U.S. Army’s backbone mobile communications network, providing tactical voice and data communications to soldiers anywhere on the battlefield. For the Canadian Department of National Defence, we developed, deployed and continue to modernize and support the Canadian Army’s fully integrated, secure combat voice and data network. We leveraged this experience to deliver the U.K. MoD’s Bowman tactical communication system for which we provide ongoing support and capability upgrades.


        Command and Control Systems

        We deliver the systems that help our customers plan, execute and manage their missions. Mission Systems has a 50-year legacy of providing advanced fire-control systems for U.S. Navy submarine programs and we are developing and integrating commercial off-the-shelf software and hardware upgrades to improve the tactical control capabilities for several submarine classes. We developed the combat and seaframe control systems and we are the lead systems integrator for the Navy’s Independence-variant Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) and the electronic systems for the Navy’s Joint High Speed Vessel (JHSV).


        Cyber Security Solutions and Products

        We deliver comprehensive cyber security-related products and services to help customers defend and protect their networks from the persistent and growing cyber threat. For more than 45 years we have developed information assurance technologies integral to defending critical information. We defend networks against dynamic threats by developing, deploying and sustaining encryption products, systems and services. Mission Systems builds, integrates and optimizes networks, providing resilient end-to-end solutions.


        Imagery, Signals Intelligence and Multi-intelligence Solutions

        We design, build, deploy and support ISR solutions including signals and information collection, processing and distribution systems and imagery sensors. We deliver multi-intelligence ground systems and large-scale, high-performance data and signal processing. Our high-reliability, long-life sensors and payloads are designed to perform in the most extreme environments, including space payloads and undersea sensor and power systems.

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